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Provision of Uniforms and Books.

* The Association has provided uniforms and books to the needy students of the Village free of cost every year.
* The Association has prepared a list of Widow Women who extremely needing financial aid. So far an handsome amount has been distributed to the deserving Widow Women.

Association provide financial Assistance to Handicapped Persons.

* The Association felt acutely that in education institutions have non- syllabus activities needing given due consideration. For this purpose the Rose Welfare Association with the consulation of educational institutions prepared a booklet containing one thousand questions. This book left will be taught in all the institutions of Village Rehara Union Council from coming March. This book includes lot of information pertaining to Geography, religious, political, health and physiology and general Knowledge besides important sayings of important personalities of world. For the interest of children a portion of this book is set apart for sports detail. This booklet has been prepared under specific planning for teaching the student from primary level to high school level and the student of good level will be encouraged with prize.

* The Welfare staged a Drama in Rehara High School with the co-operation of PTV where children of 6 institutions participated in the Drama which was of 2hours duration. The Drama was very knowledgeable and the children evinced great interest in it. The subject of Drama is student, parent and teacher relationship.


A Beautiful VillegeRehara:

Before embarking upon to elucidate the aims and objective setout for the Association, it is felt appropriate to illustrate introductory description of Village Rehara signifying its historical backgrounds in context with past and present perspective. According to some aged and well informed persons of the Village, notables of the Village Rehara used to hold meetings at Central place “Kakra” of Village Rehara under a tree. In the meetings they resolved certain issues confronting as “Raey Pass Karne”. The present word Rehara was named after the Urdu language word. “RAEY”. Here it is worth mentioning that the said tree under which the notables used to hold meetings is not now existent but a stones walls was constructed around its stem by the villagers to save its memorial identification. There is no evidential value record available to confirm the above historical memorials, yet the memorial awareness of the villagers has to be relied being possibly conceivable.


This beautiful village has population over 15000, partly settled in big cities of Pakistan, large number in foreign countries earning much needed foreign exchange for the country. Main part of the population residing in village mostly adjusted in Govt. Department and private sectors and main part of the population in village doing tarming and business. About 50% of the population is low income class hardly making their ends meet. There are good nubers of skilled persons – who earn their livelihood reasonably. The Village Rehara is approachable by two main roads i.e Mong Road passing through the center of the Village and the Goiun Nala Road pass through the extreme south corner of the Village. There are numbers of link Roads in the interior of the Village , providing transport facilities to the Villagers and also providing easy access to the said two main Roads.The Rehara Village is surrounded by its neighboring Villages, i.e Thorar – Mong in the West , Kotera – Hurnamaira in the North Kharick – Rawalakot in the East and Gorah – Garala in the South – distantly situating. The Village situation is conspicuous place having link roads, water facilities from natural wells as well as through pipe line’s supply arrangements. However storage occurs in dry seasons. The above cited established Association is expected to give due consideration to the storage of water supply. The Village is rich in natural forests – mostly Government owned but no satisfactory arrangements are there for protection of the forests. The Association will draw the Govt. attention in this regard to save the forest wealth of the Village. It is also the responsibility of local Administration to take notice of the damaging trend of the forests. Trees are cut and removed by the defaulters in connivance with forest field staff.


 The Village Rehara owns special identification in the area because good number of Villagers have been rendering educational and army services as briefly stated in fore-going paragraphs. The Village Rehara has produced large number of personalities who did great service to the nation. The name of Sardar Abdul Khan and Sardar Fateh Muhammad Khan of Village Rehara are worth mentioning. They acted as advisors to Sardar Bhadur Ali Khan a renowned personality of Village Kharick who faced the cruel Dogra Regime rulers with courage and defeated them at various occasions in court cases. In 1947 a young man of this Village , namely Sardar Khan made highly sensitive speech at Srinagar against atrocities of the then Dogra Regime rulers. In 1832 a horrible incident took place at Village Mong where the cruel Dogra rulers, hanged some persons belonging to Sudhan tribe, with a tree and pulled skins of those alive hanging persons who died on the spot. The stem of the tree is still there – attracting visitors to see it being an important memorial spot. The affected person so killed by pulling their skins included a man of Rehara, namely Jamus Khan.
There are 19 mosques – big and small in the Village out of which 04 are “Jamey Masjids”. The oldest mosque was constructed during Defunct Dogra Regime. It was completely damaged in the recent devastating earth quake of October 2005. Later, it was dismantled and a new one constructed which is also used as “Darsgah”. Large number of students benefited as Hafiz-e-Quran. A big grand mosque has been constructed at Rehara Bazar with the co-operation and contribution by the Villagers.

The major contributors were Sardar Muhammad Nazir Khan was predominate contributor from England. He is U.K. Nationality holder and always takes part in such matters. In Titrot Town a beautiful mosque has been constructed.Thier are numbers of shrines in Village Rehara, of various religious saints which re-calls the remembrance of ancient times and also historical asset of the Villagers. The shrine of spiritual saint Baber Marawat Khan is also located in Village Rehara (Gurkni Town), where renowed scaiars deliver lectures on religious matters. There are some personalities of Village Rehara who rendered heroic services to the nation Name of Capt. Bastan Khan is worth mentioning.
In the war of liberation 1947, he commanded a Brigade in the capacity of Brigadier his grave is also in Rehara which is of historical importance. Capt. Bastan Khan (late) remained member of council set up by Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan in the liberation movement of Kashmir. Large numbers of Rehara Villagers took part in the liberation movement Amongst them, name of Sardar Khan is worth mentioning. He was an active social worker beside being spiritual personality. . Large numbers of Rehara Villagers took part in the liberation movement from 1832 to 1947. Amongst them, name of Sardar Khan, Sardar Pir Muhammad Khan, Pilot Khurshid Shaheed, Abdul Majid Khan, Capt. T alib Hussain, Sardar Muhammad Kabir and Muhammad Farooq Khan and worth mentioning. A young Commission Officer from this Village was martyred in Siachan glacier. The Village needs future improvement in all fields for which purpose the intellectuals from this Village found at appropriate to establish a Welfare Association for development of the Village in all fields to improve the living standard, education, social and economic standard.

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